PDF guidelines

The following notes are intended to help you ensure that your data can be processed in our prepress without complications, as much as possible.

Data delivery:

  •     PDFX4 / PDFX5
  •     Files named according to number of pages (e.g. 001_030.pdf, etc.)
  •     Documents in single page mode
  •     Bleed of at least 3 mm
  •     Crop marks, gap of 3 mm from trimmed size
  •     All fonts completely embedded

 We also process other data formats, of course. In this case,we kindly ask you to contact us to discuss the additional time and costs involved.


  •     Please include a hard-copy of the entire order, with binding content, if possible. Provide your true-colour proofs with the UGRA/FOGRA media wedge.
  •     We are responsible for the electronic archiving of the imposed printed sheets.
  •     We assume that the original documents are updated and maintained by you or your typesetters/reprographic unit.
  •     Please transfer your data in compressed form.